You are always giving...I need to do the same


Paul wrote, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ”.

I really wasn’t paying much attention to those who watched our lives while we lived in Liberia. I wanted to live an authentic life. Those close to us certainly saw the real Halvorsen’s up close and personal. We didn’t hid it when we were sad, angry, or frustrated. We shared good times and hard times alike. Our house had an open door. People stopped by from sunrise to sunset. It was just our life. I didn’t think about it much.

I didn’t think about it until the other day when I was messaging with a dear friend in Liberia about a woman with a young child that we are supporting. My friend is helping this woman find a safe home for herself and child. I asked if she had a mattress or any furniture that she would be able to move into the room. My friend said all she has is an old mattress. I told her that when I come, we should try to get her some things.

That’s when my friend said, “I will give her some of my clothes.”

I was so moved. I responded, “Thank you, you are a true daughter.”

What she said next brought tears to my eyes. “You are my mother and you always giving things to people so I need to do the same for people who don't have at all.”

And I thought about Paul’s words. And I thought about what it means to make a difference that lasts. I thought about my friend’s children and the example they see in their mother. I thought about the students in her class and the example they see in their teacher. And I thought about her words- You are always giving and I need to do the same.