How will Pastor Peter's death affect Teamwork Africa?


This past year was one of many transitions for Teamwork Africa. One important change seems extremely important right now.

In November, Teamwork Africa began to send funds for projects directly to each project director. There were many great reasons for this change. It was very cumbersome to send one transfer of funds. Going to the bank in Liberia can take hours! Once the money arrived, transporting funds to various program directors was also time consuming. Then the reports have to go back up the chain of command once the project or work is completed. This presented by too many opportunities for miscommunication or misunderstandings along to way. We’re now finding by sending the funds directly to each program director, there is no confusion. I am in direct communication with each person and they send me their report.

While we grieve the loss of Pastor Peter, none of the practical, day-to-day ministry procedures will change for Teamwork Africa or New Life Clinic. I will be in touch with Great King Academy about how Peter’s absence will affect the school. However, I have a very close relationship with many of the staff and teachers there, and I am confident the school will continue to run smoothly.

Peter’s role as Teamwork Africa’s visionary will be deeply missed. One of our Liberian board members, David Quinah, told me, “Peter was our brain.” He seemed to have a plan for any problem.

So, although we are never prepared for the loss of a dear friend and ministry partner, God is not taken off guard. Steps were already in place to keep Peter’s vision and love for the Liberian people strong.