Our Mission and Purpose

The mission and purpose of Teamwork Africa is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the rural villages of Liberia, Africa to transform villages and lives.

We plant churches in rural Liberia and then equip and support the pastors and staff so they have the tools and resources to meet the vital spiritual, physical and social needs of their local communities.

We create and nourish individual and church partnerships to come along side us in this mission.

Teamwork Africa has also remained personally connected with and invested in our African partners as well as the villages we are reaching.

God is good!

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Teamwork Africa seeks to meet the vital spiritual and physical needs of specific Liberian villages by connecting US individuals and churches with Liberian church-planting pastors. Village churches are the vehicle for meeting the needs of the village communities. These are the specific ways we are meeting the needs of these villages:

5th Annual Celebration Night

Mark your calendars! The 5th Annual Teamwork Africa Celebration Night will be on April 21st, 2016. Time and location to be announced. Come hear how God has blessed Teamwork Africa this year, and what we're looking forward to in the year ahead.

For more information, contact:
event@teamworkafrica.org or call 715 271 8608