New Liberia County Director: Pastor David Quinah

David Quinah IMG_5672.JPG

During my recent visit to Liberia the second half of February, we had several meetings with the Teamwork Africa-Liberia board. One of the extremely important decisions that we needed to make was to select a new country director to take the place of our dear brother, Pastor Peter Flomo.

I was encouraged and relieved that our board nominated and unanimously approved Pastor David Quinah as the new country director.

Please let me introduce him to you.

David Quinah was there the first time I went to Liberia in Oct. 2011, even though I didn’t know who he was until our second visit in March 2012 when Teamwork Africa was born.

During the March 2012 trip, David Quinah was part of Mark’s evangelism team. He is an excellent interpreter. One of the villages we visited on that trip was Moses Quinah town which was founded by David Quinah’s father as a Christian community. During that time, there was a missionary family living in the area and their impact lasts to this day. And, Moses Quinah Town is one of the foundational communities that Teamwork Africa has partnered with since our founding.

Pastor David Quinah is a founding board member. He has been part of Teamwork Africa since the very beginning. He is a well respected pastor and community member. He is a dependable and faithful member of the Teamwork Africa team.

We are so grateful for David Quinah’s involvement in Teamwork Africa and we appreciate his willingness to serve in this important role.