Liberia Bound

I will be heading to Liberia Sept 29 with Michael, who’s been with us this summer on a visitor visa, while we await the completion of his adoption. I will be staying in Liberia for the first two weeks of October. My primary goal is to identify the students who will be this year’s Starfish Kids Scholars, thereby qualifying them to receive a tuition scholarship for first semester. I will also be visiting our two rural schools and identifying our plan to continue supporting their efforts to teach 150-200 students each on a very modest budget.

Michael will be staying in Liberia until the adoption is complete. He is looking forward to seeing his friends in Liberia, but we are all looking forward to the time when we will all be together again.

We appreciate your prayers! The trip will likely be emotional for us. I’m traveling back to Liberia as a visitor and not a resident. I am looking forward to seeing our friends but it will be difficult to leave them again. There is so much need in Liberia and it’s challenging to know how to help. Please pray that God will give me wisdom to know what to do, courage to do it and the strength to carry it out.