village transformation takes place through...



Empowering people ultimately leads to self-sustainability.  Developing micro-economies through farming and agricultural projects, as well as other small business opportunities, addresses the food shortage and the unemployment crisis facing many African countries.


In African communities, the Christ-centered church is one of the most effective means of building healthy families and communities.  We are committed to providing pastors with the training that they need in order to establish strong and vibrant churches. 

Evangelism and discipleship is also an integral part of carrying out our mission as we share the Good News of the Gospel.  Many villages and communities are without a bible-teaching church, and there is a strong commitment to join in partnership with a church planting movement that is sweeping across all of Africa.


By investing in teacher training and assisting in supplying school and educational resources, we want to be intentional in raising up the next generation of leaders and influence them for Christ so they can impact their culture and countries.


Understanding the vast needs for basic daily medical care presents a significant challenge to us.  Our support, aid, and encouragement of indigenous-trained medical staff and clinics allow us to provide resources through short term medical mission teams, the sending of medical supplies, and the wherewithal to work with our African local pastors in operating scheduled medical outreaches.


Water is Life!  Providing clean physical drinking water for entire villages and towns opens the door to share the Living Water, and whoever drinks from that well will never thirst again!  All across Africa thousands of children and adults die from either a lack of water or from drinking contaminated water.  We continue in the pursuit of placing this vital need of clean water in front of people to raise awareness and funds to combat this atrocity. 


In understanding our first Core Value – "Embrace People," we want to meet people in their point of need; to love them as Jesus loves them.  Care can be best demonstrated by coming alongside a child in need of food or education; a pastor who needs encouragement in his ministry; a parent overwhelmed by the flood of needs they are facing; the teacher who does not have enough supplies for their students; or the medical staff who has just lost a patient to something as simple as diarrhea.  Jesus welcomed the poor and broken-hearted and was moved by compassion.  And so daily, we will hold to the high calling of 'Loving our neighbor in Jesus' name'!