Welcome Swazi Kids!

Teamwork Africa is partnering with Dudley Donaldson to help provide education and basic needs for several orphans he knows from his time living in Swaziland. If you would like to sponsor one of these precious young people, please click on the giving link and add the name of the child you want to support in the additional information area.

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Swazi Kids 1 Lulu.jpg

1.            Lulu—A single mom with two small girls. Her husband abandoned her in a strange country. She and the girls are now living in a shack with no bed, no electricity. No plumbing. The door is off its hinges. She owes 3 month’s rent, medical bills, needs blankets, clothes for children.

Swazi Kids 2 Nonhle.jpg

2.            Nonhle—No father. Mom is very sick and cannot work. Extended family not willing to help. Nonhle still owed school fees this year, which was her last year of high school. However she didn’t have enough money to take the final exam. But she is a smart and sweet girl.

Swazi Kids 3 Thobile.jpg

3.            Thobile—Unable to continue in school again this year. Father died12 years ago. Mother has abandoned the home. Thobile stays on her own with her alcoholic brother who is in and out and often mistreats Thobile. She needs money for food, stock that she sells at a local pharmacy, school transportation, school books, clothes. She is dropping out of school again this year due to lack of money. She is begging for a sponsor who will “adopt” her and make it possible to finish her last two years of school.

Swazi Kids 4 Siphiwe.jpg

4.            Siphiwe—Single mother of two children. Forced sex. No way to earn income. Homeless, going from place to place. Desires to be in business that will make her self-sufficient. She and the kids are starving regularly and are ill.

Swazi kids 5 Nomcebo.jpg

5.            Nomcebo—Finished high school and has a strong desire to go to America to find a new life. Excellent student, but nowhere to go in eSwatini. Needs start-up funds for a business. Also needs the basics until she is self-sufficient.