Healthcare in Liberia

The civil war that ended in 2003 depleted Liberia of many of their health care professionals and has all but destroyed the physical healthcare infrastructure. 

The 2007 Republic of Liberia National Health Policy reported the following grim statistics.

  • Infant Mortality Rate – 157/1,000 live births
  • Under 5 Child Mortality Rate – 235/ 1,000 births
  • 18 hospitals, 50 health centers, and 286 clinics considered to be functional to serve a population of 3.5 million. 
  • The mortality rate estimated in rural areas is an alarming 1.1 deaths/ 10,000 persons per day. 
  • 2011 statistics show front line healthcare workers are at a minimum. 90 physicians, 1,393 RNs, and 412 certified midwives​
  • Liberia’s immediate pre-Ebola era had a maternal mortality rate of 1072/100,000 live births (2013 DHS key findings), an evidence of disimprovement from 770/100,000 live births in 2007(WHO), and therefore now having one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the sub-region.