Prayer Requests & Answers

Pastoral Update and Prayer Requests from Pastors Oct 2014

TA Pastors on the way to McGill Town Nov 2014Many of the Teamwork Africa pastors met last week. They traveled to McGill Town for an evangelistic outreach. McGill takes hours to reach by foot. Thankfully, the motorcycles can travel most of the way to the river. From there, they cross over on a raft and then it's an hour walk to the village. 

Prayer Requests

Pray that Ebola leaves Liberia. – Pastor James Kelemee and Pastor Moses Dolo

Pray that God should remember His promise to Abraham and forgive His people. – Pastor James Quinah

Pray that joy and happiness would return to Liberia. – Pastor William Kwenah

Pastoral Activies 

Pastor Moses Dolo lead his congregation into: Operation Restore Hope. During this outreach, the church prepared hand washing buckets, chlorine and food to distribute in the Montserrado, Margibi, and Bong counties. 

Pastor Moses Togba reports that there is a prayer meeting every Wednesday at Redeemer Baptist to pray for the nation.

Pastor Matthew Paye lead a “Rescue the Perishing” outreach to distribute Ebola prevention materials to the community. Pastor James Quinah led a similar outreach to his community and commented that calm is gradually returning to Liberia.

Pastor Robert Flomo and Charity Baptist committed to three days of prayer and fasting. They prayed specifically for God to intervene in the struggle against Ebola.

Rev. Amos organized an Ebola workshop held by two medical professionals to teach people about Ebola and how to prevent it. Rev. Richard Gbaquoi held a similar event in his area to encourage people to wash their hands and not touch people suspected to have the virus. Rev. Moses Whyan’s congregation held an Ebola Awareness Campaign, especially among the young people.

Pastor William Kwenah’s church raised special funds to buy more buckets and chlorine for those in need in their communities. 

Prayer and Praises

Teamwork Africa prayer and praises

1. Pray for preparation for Nov. mission team.

 Eleven people will be traveling at various times between Nov. 9 and Nov.30. There is a lot of legistics to arrange. Pray for each of the team members as they continue to raise funds for the outreach. There will be an evangelistic event and the Love & Leadeship summit as well. Pray for the hearts of those that will hear the Gospel and for those that preach it.

2. Pray that shipping supplies in the container goes smoothly.

We hope to fill half of a 40 ft container. Our supplies need to be packed and sent by Oct. 15. Most of the supplies are textbooks and school supplies for Great King Academy.

3. Pray that those in Teamwork Africa would spur one another on towards love and good deeds.

4. Praise God that another grant came in from The Last Well which will put in 6 new wells and repair 19 other wells.

Teamwork Africa Prayer and Praises for June 2013

June 26, 2013

Teamwork Africa prayer requests:

1. Pray for Martha's recovery. I know she did have surgery, but haven't heard how she is doing. (No news is good news?)
2. Pray for the completion of 4 new wells and 8 well rehabs. Pray that the hearts in those villages will be open to the Gospel message that will be presented there.
3. Pray for God's favor on a big fund raiser July 20. We are praying for enough $ to ship the cargo container in August.

1. The adoption bill passed the Liberian Senate. Now pray that the Pres. will sign it and the Ministry of Health will implement it quickly.
2. Thank God for the Jacob's Well M.S. youth group that has volunteered for TA and helped carrying tons of boxes to storage and help set up a TA office.
3. Praise God that funds for another motorcycle have just come in!
4. Praise God that another Starfish Kid was sponsored this week.


June. 16, 2013

Teamwork Africa prayer requests:
1. The adoption bill is scheduled to go to the Liberian Senate. Pray for it to pass smoothly, with reasonable safeguards, but not overwhelming obstacles.
2. Our dear Martha is scheduled for surgery this week. Pray for God's guidance to the doctors, God's healing touch and protection from infection.
3. Pray for God's favor on the school proposal that I'm submitting this week. We are praying for $11,000 to finish off the first wing of the school.

1. Baby Nyalaka has recovered from malaria. We are going to find out if it is a better idea to get mosquito nets in Liberia or here and send them.
2. The thrift sale made $826 plus $300 donation and we are going to do it again this weekend.
3. The matching funds for the well project is on the way!

God is good! May His Kingdom come here and in Liberia.


June 10, 2013

Teamwork Africa prayer requests:
1. With rainy season starting, malaria is increasing too. Please pray for Baby Nyalaka and Pastor James Klimie's kids that currently have it.
2. Pray that Pastor Peter would be healed for good from terrible headaches.
3. Pray that the matching funding for the June well project will go through quickly.
4. Pray for God's blessing on this weekend's TA garage sale.

Thank God with us for a generous donation recently promised towards the school! Our goal is $20,000 and we have $11,000 to go for phase one.



April Mission Team Ready to Go!

This Thursday, April 4, a group of women will leave for another visit and mission trip to Liberia. Who are they and what will they be doing? Read on…
Please be in prayer (starting now!) as they travel, build relationships and serve. Also pray for their families functioning without them for a while!
The team:
Peggy: Teamwork Africa Executive Director. Peggy will stay for 2 weeks, her longest trip so far. Mark will be managing the four kids while she's away.
Amanda: "Manda" is a nurse and nursing supervisor from western Minnesota. She and her husband Jim have five children. Manda will stay 2 weeks on this, her first trip to Liberia. She will be conducting health checks on as many of our starfish kids as possible.
Nicole: Nicole and her husband Michael sponsor a boy in the Blind Community and have become champions of that cause. They have worked hard to raise awareness, funds and resources for their boy and his community. Nicole will stay one week – her salon will be closed while she is gone – and Michael will be home with their seven children.
Renee is a nursing assistant who will stay the first week. It is her first trip. Renee does therapy and care for children with special needs and comes from a family who loves adoption and caregiving; she will fit right in!
Debbie: this is her second Liberian trip; she will stay 3 weeks! One of those weeks will be to host a friend who is visiting Nigeria first, in order to introduce her to Teamwork Africa. She will be focusing on launching the Micro loan program and working with the fisrt group of women to receive their training and loans and working closely with Whennie, who will administer the program.
Planned events and major goals include:
* Visiting all of the 55 current Starfish kids and doing heath checks on them. They are in the city of Monrovia, as well as villages of Gbargna, Tumatai, and Kpeletayama.
*Registering an additional 45 kids, including their biographical information and a health check.
* Training and building friendship with Joseph, who will administer the Starfish Kids program in Liberia.
*Additional medical outreach
* Visiting recent church plants and pastors
* Meeting with pastors and, as we say in Liberia, "talking, talking talking," and "listening listening listening!"… Getting to know these pastors better so we can support them in every way possible! We will also show them our celebration video so they can see the bigger picture of Teamwork Africa!
* Visiting the 12 wells that were completed as of January
* Observing schools so we can assess needs; the August mission team will focus on schools and education.
*Meeting with village leaders for Village Transformation proposals.
*Holding a meeting of the Teamwork Africa Board of Directors: Liberian office!
* Second Anniversary Celebration!!!! in Moses Kwenah Town. Remember those cool t-shirts? Your purchases helped fund the same shirts to be given to local pastors and attendees at the Liberian version of our celebration! 🙂
Remember to PRAY for God to be glorified in every aspect and every moment of this trip. This is HIS work; we are invited to share in it!

Mission Outreach Aug 2012

Aug 16 Peggy and two companions are traveling to Liberia. Our goal is to connect with The Last Well to see the recent completed well rehab projects and brainstorm about reaching the entire country with the Gospel and clean water. We will also spend time in Tumatai to build relationships with the people there. As well as visit the unsponsored Starfish Kids and God-willing, bless them with a bag a rice and other small gifts. I hope to connect with Liberian teachers to better understand the educational needs of Liberian students.

On a personal note, Peggy hopes to spend time with Michael, the child her family hopes to adopt someday.

Here is our schedule and prayers requests.

Thurday Aug. 16  Fly from MSP to New York, then to Liberia.

Pray that we get through the airport smoothly, that our bags get through without any trouble and that our flights leave on time. Also pray that our travel time witll be used to prepare our hearts for what God has planned for us and that we won't miss anything.

Friday Aug. 17 Arrive in Liberia in the afternoon, go to guest house and prepare to leave in the morning for the interior rural areas. We will have to work fast to unpack and decide what to take with us to the villages.

Pray for clarity and good decision making. Also pray that the supplies our Liberian partners needed to get are ready to go.

Sat. Aug. 18 Leave for the interior early in the morning. Go see well rehab projects, especially the ones that The Last Well team will not see. Visit Gbarnga, see Starfish kids. Sleep at teacher house in Kpeletayama.

Pray for good travel weather. It is the rainy season, so pray that we don't get stuck in the mud. Pray that we are able to show God's love to everyone we meet.

Sun. Aug. 19 Spend day in Kpeletayama/Tumatai.

Pray that we are able to commute clearly and that God's love is displayed especially to the people of Tumatai. We also hope to administer medicine to the children and teach a hygiene lesson.

Mon. Aug. 20 Meet The Last Well team at Kpeletayama junction. Take them to Kpeletayama, show wells and Habakkuk’s grave. Tour well rehab projects. Return to guest house in Monrovia by evening.

Pray that The Last Well arrives to meet us safely and that we have a great day getting to know each other while we visit the well rehab sites.

Tues Aug. 21 The Last Well conference. We will be meeting with several other organizations that are committed to bringing clean water and the Gospel to Liberia. 

Pray that Peter and I will be able to clearly present the story and vision of Teamwork Africa. Pray that we will be creative and inspired to work together to bring clean water and the Gospel to all of Liberia.

Wed Aug. 22 Visit Monrovia Starfish kids

Pray for good weather as we travel around the city visiting chidren. Pray that we are a blessing to the children and the famiies that care for them.

Thurs. Aug. 23 Meet with Liberian teachers

Pray that I am quick to listen and understand the Liberian teaching method and that I explain the curriculum that I sent to Liberia clearly.

Fri. Aug. 24 Women’s conference

Sat. Aug. 25 Women’s conference

Diane and I will be teaching at the women's conference in Monrovia. Pray that our words are not our own, but that God speaks through us to touch the heart of each woman and that she knows God in a deeper way because of what she hears.

Sun. Aug 26 Church at Eternal Love. Lunch. Pack up and head to the airport.

Pray that our church service is a sweet celebration of all God has done and that we get to the airport and through security without trouble.

Additional Prayer requests

Pray that God keeps our bodies strong and healthy.

Pray that our communication is unhindered. Pray that we boldy declare the love of God in our words and actions. May we bring honor to His name.

Pray for good weather and no break downs of our vehicle.

Pray that no matter what happens, we will trust God to work all things for good. Pray that our attitudes honor Him and that His strength is made perfect in our weakness.


Please pray for Peter and Oretha

This is from Pastor Peter Flomo:

Please pray with me as I am getting seriously ill with unceasing headache and fast heart beat. Continue to pray for Oretha as well.

Oretha, Peter's wife, has been sick the past few days. Now, Peter, who came back to town to help her, is also feeling sick. Please prayer for their speedy recovery.


Supplies & Shipping for 4 Runner

Praise God that we have found a vehicle for Pastor Peter!

Now, pray that we can safely ship it to Liberia in the coming months. This is a HUGE blessing! We are so thankful.

Pray also that we are wise with the supplies that we pack in the vehicle when we ship it.


The 4 Runner was packed on Mon. Aug. 13 and delivered to the shipping company Tues. Aug 14. More that $1500 of supplies were donated to be shipped in the 4 Runner.  Thank you, Elliot's Automotive, for all your help and support.

Please pray that the 4 Runner arrives in Liberia safely and quickly. Pray that the customs for the truck will be a reasonable price and that all the supplies arrive without disruption.

Pray for our Liberian pastors

We are praying for support to provide for the needs of the church planting pastors that courageously go to the rural areas of Liberia to bring the Good News of the Gospel.


Written by Pastor Peter Flomo:

During our one year celebration at Second-Coming Baptist Fellowship in Benneta, my compassionate attention was drawn to this couple who in Liberia, is considered the poorest of the poor. They have nothing, BUT God is now their everything. The man, Peter Flomo, like I am called has a skin disease of the right leg is unable to do anything for his family. The wife Gorpu was on the serving team where we were there and the Pastor wife called my attention to considering for this family with their two daughters. As the rainy season draws nearer, their hut will be a place of threat for them due to heavy leak this thatch experiences. Since last year to date, Teamwork Africa One Anniversary T-Shirt was the very new cloth Mr. Peter has remembered receiving in recent past.

Let us together the children of these people who are living dead. Thank God for Christ..Because He lives…they will face the morrow with confidence and hope, but for now in this world let us help empower this family and our rewards will be one of eternal dividend.

His leg is infested with this long time skin disease.

Pastor Peter, Teamwork Africa

Team #1 goes out with prayer!

Here is what the #1 mission team to Liberia looks like!  From left to right, Shawn, Marie, Peggy and Debbie. We met at the Halvorsen’s March 8th for dinner then the.Halvorsen’s prayer group prayed over all of us anointing us in the name of Jesus with the power of the Holy Spirit. We spent over two hours lifting up the team, worshiping Him and praying for the Liberian team as well. We prayed for God’s leading throughout  the whole trip and after. Thank you Lord for allowing us to be part of your awesome work in Liberia. May all we do, all we say, all we think be for your glory. We can do more than pray after we have prayed, but we cannot do more than pray before we have prayed.