Pray for the Kids

We are asking you and the American Team to join us in prayer for the entire program. Pray for all the kids in program to grow in the theme of God. We are also asking you to join us in prayer for continuous support and improvement of the program. Let us pray for each other.

Prayer Points: 
  • Prayer that the children would come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and if saved, that their relationship with Him would deepen and grow stronger.
  • Prayer for wisdom for leaders as we discuss how to make the program more effective.
  • Prayer for Joseph as he travels around each month distributing food to the children, for safely and good health.
  • Prayer for the children for their education- that they would work hard and do their best, and grow in knowledge and wisdom.
  • Prayer for medical needs of the children- that those would be addressed in a timely fashion and treated effectively.
Kristin LokkesmoeStarfish Kids Coordinatior
Joseph Flomo Startfish Kids, Liberia 

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