We can make a difference in the Fight against Ebola

Ebola has been in the international news as this deadly disease continues devastate the lives of hundreds of people in West Africa. The Ebola virus is spread through direct contact with bodily fluids of an infected person. Because of that, healthcare workers and family members of victims are at great risk.

Teamwork Africa’s mission is to resource churches to meet the vital spiritual, physical and social needs in their communities. Now is time for our Liberian churches to step out and meet those needs. A very simple way to do that is to provide a household with a bucket with a faucet, chorine bleach and soap. Families are encouraged to have everyone wash their hands regularly. Adding just a little bit of bleach kills the Ebola virus quickly. This is part of a larger medical response training that is on going in Monrovia right now. However, $15 for the bucket is a “rich man’s price” for most Liberian families.

Teamwork Africa wants to parnter with our churches to give away as many of these budgets as possible with the love of Jesus during this crisis. Will you help?

  • 1 bucket= $15
  • 5 buckets= $75
  • 10 buckets= $150
  • 100 buckets= $1,500

As of August 7, $9,257 has been raised for 617 buckets.

As of August 15, over $20,000 has been raised for more than 1000 buckets. We met our goal, but the need is still great. Let's keep going.

Our goal is 1000 buckets.

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About Peggy

Peggy is the executive director and co founder of Teamwork Africa. She loves Liberia deeply.

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