Habakkuk Well projects for 2013

Responses of villages to clean water

written by Pastor Peter Flomo, 2013


POPULATION:           800                                         

 Geinkorma, a village of over 110 houses. It is one of the neglected villages of Bong County.  This village is suffering seriously from one of the worst damaged “trails” that we call “roads” in Liberia.  There are two churches in this town, but they need reconciliation between them.  They are dying due to denominational division.

During our work in this village two persons accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The two pastors also requested that we make regular visits to strengthen them in church planting and church leadership.  The entire town was amazed at how we worked together with the two churches that have suffered from denominational division. The town leadership is willing to take ownership of these wells.  In an open discussion before the citizens, the two pastors confessed that they have responsible for their light not to shine in the community due to their division.


Population: 4,000

Fenutoli is a border town between Bong County and Grand Bassa County.  It is a commercial village that hosts a weekly market for over five thousand people. People from all over Bong County and part of Grand Bassa, as well as Monrovia, converge here for trade.  Despite the strategic and economic significance of the area, the people are still drinking from rivers and pond infested with human and animal feces.  There were lot of pumps installed in this village, but only one was still functioning. This one was serving only patients that are admitted to  the local health clinic built by the Government.

The people that will benefit from the four pumps repaired is at least 4,000 people including surrounding villages, but once every week, over five thousand people will drink from these pumps.

We were well hosted by the town council. The Chief is a lady and she was so excited to see this rehab work come to their village with even their invitation.  With their councilmen listening to our conversation, I told them that God had invited the efforts of Teamwork Africa and that of The Last Well to go to where the need of clean water is even before the foundation of the world.  One curious elderly man asked me how God knew our names and villages since we have no one presence in the central government.  I then began to share the Gospel from his question and presented to them the Attributes of God one of which is His Omniscient power.  This led to the conversion of four souls.  The Methodist Pastor, Jeffry, was asked to disciple these men.  Also, our pastoral team is going to have three days of evangelistic outreach carried in this village by the end of this month.

Brief update on evangelistic efforts: 4 souls responded to the Gospel message during our work. The Teamwork Africa pastoral team gathered for evangelistic outreach at the end of August. The team showed the Jesus Film and shared the Gospel. Over 80 people responded to Gospel message and plans are being made to plant a new church.


Coekorma is a village located on a rocky hill in Suakoko District, Bong County with approximate population of 400 people. All of the residences are subsistence farmers.  The road that connects Fenutoli to Gbartala on the main highway passes through this town, but has been, and is still, a forgotten village in this area.  There are no sanitary facilities in this town. The wells have been damaged for over five years and no one was able to repair them. Though 400 people live in the village, those in the nearby villages will definitely make use of this blessing.

This little village witnessed the conversion of two teenagers who having to be the only ones that have started formal education.  They live in Gbarnga while attending school, but had come back in the village for vacation when they witnessed the well repair works going on.  Both of them were encouraged to go to Hill Top Baptist Fellowship in Gbarnga when they go back to school, since they live within the area that this church.  They openly told the town people that after completing their schooling, they will make sure to come back in this town as a pastor and a community worker respectively. Pastor Aaron Sackie, from the United Methodist church, was asked to disciple these young men while they are in the village and Rev. Matthew Siakor was immediately contacted to follow them up upon their return for schooling in Gbarnga.


This village is located on a rocky hill. The only space found for possible water source is on the lower side of the town. Majority of the citizens in Liberia believe in animism, this village is the headquarters.  People from all over Bong converge in this village to get traditional people to go about starting religious centers that believe in the worship of the spirits of the dead.  The town is named: ‘Garyea’ meaning ‘God’ because it is the center of  worship. There are these type of traditional animistic worship centers found in this town.  Also, this village is blessed with school.

People are not easily welcome in this town when you talk about worshipping the true God apart from the god of this town.  When I first arrived with the team to commence the repair work, I was asked by the town elder which NGO I come from to do this work, I openly told them, we are not just ‘ngo’, we sent by God and by people who want all of you to know that God loves you all and that he is answer to your needs through local churches.  At the end of this conversation, the lady followed me and volunteer to cook for our crew.  It was at this point she that she wants to accept Christ as her Lord and Savior.  She had personally invited me and other pastors to come to visit with her and she was going to encourage her household to be part of our church should one come in the area.


Voloblai was a village where church division dimmed the witness of the Gospel, but that is no more. Repentance of the church leaders restored the light of Jesus in this community.  This village is the seat for the poro society in the District of Suakoko.   Despite the size of this village, it had been abandoned by central government for centuries. The last time they ever got the taste of safe drinking was twelve years ago when UNICEF delivered emergency relief wells. However, these pumps broke down as the result of poor construction.  The village was filled with happiness when they saw the clean water flow again from the pipes of three pumps that were repaired. Two other wells are beyond the point of repair and plans are made to redig these wells at a later date.

Voloblai (which means “where the sun shines”) is now open to the Gospel fully as they now understand the love of God manifested through the eternal gift and that of physical provision of potable drinking water.  During our evangelistic engagement, six persons confessed Christ in this village including a 70 year old lady who died three weeks after placing her faith in Christ.

Taylor Town

Like the story of Garyea, Taylor Town is a town that largely worship the spirits of the dead., They claim to worship the spirit of the founding pastor of the church during Sunday worship services.  They do that by going around the grave of this dead man and some members literally kiss the grave for power.  This town near the main highway from Monrovia to Gbarnga has brought some little blessings to the community including primary school.  Three wells were dug in this town, but all went dried due to their shadow depth.  The pump parts from these wells were stolen by gangs from the main road.  Because of this experience, the village mobilized funds to purchase iron jackets for each of their three wells to protect them.

A year ago, a Bible Believing and practicing church begun in town, but with strong resistance from those in the traditional “church”. Right now this church has about of 15 regular members and 35 church attenders.


This village is on the main road leading to Fenutoli.  It is one of the many forgotten villages of Bong County.  Though the residents are forgotten by many, they had not forgotten themselves.  When the well was repaired, they got involved and neatly cleaned up their site and whole village was part of the Village Pump Repair Training.  They are yarning for further development.    When I presented the Gospel of grace almost the entire village came forth to make decision for Christ.  Another 65 year old man openly invited his household with these words during the repair of the well: “If out of Grace, we now have our forgotten well repaired, then I need that Grace to give me and my household a free gift of Life,. just tell me Pastor” he implored.

Guluta Town

This is a village overwhelmed by animism and traditionalism.  They exist while others live. This means they lack almost all of life’s necessities.  The only modern technology they have ever had access to is this well and hand pump.  Since it broke down, they went back to drink from surface water.  As a result in 2009, this tiny village lost the lives of 15 innocent children from cholera outbreak. This village had experienced the sudden death of three women from childbirth pain.

With these sad stories, Pastor Peter encouraged them to delve into Revelation with the message that  NEW DAY TO COME in this village, beginning with the provision of clean water.  I further cautioned them to prepare the way of the coming and reception of this new day.  Out of that, 11 adults accepted Christ.

Mafla Town

Mafla Town is very similar to Kpeletayama, the first village to receive a well, as it is one of the villages where the residents exist while others live.  They are without any form of life-improving necessities.  This village is clustered with other villages that desperately need clean water as well.  This village has no school, no clinic, not to even mention sanitary facilities.

At an open-air message delivered by Mark Halverson, almost the entire village along with Kpeletayama came to confess Christ as Lord and Savior. Currently, Pastor George Sackie and his wife live near the town with a church plant named Fellowship Community Church.  Souls are saved and lives transformed.


Gbondoi Town is one of the larger communities.  Residents of over 3,000 plus live here.  With the weekly market, over 9000 converge for shopping and trading. It is a central commercial point in the entire Sheansue Clan. The village has a junior high school building.  Despite its huge population, it lacks the access of clean and safe drinking water. All six pumps that were dug during the crisis period had since broken down thus forcing residents to drink from creeks largely infested with animal and human fesses.  The village is so central to everything in the area.  In 2010, Gbondoi was in the Liberian news when diarrhea and dysentery meaninglessly destroyed over 20 lives of infants and elderly people as well.

Fellowship Community Church pastored by George Sackie is reaching out to some residents of this town.  They have resolved to make this village their mission field especially when we presented the Gospel there during the inauguration of the six wells.  14 persons made confession of faith in Jesus Christ.  Pastor George informed me via phone communication that of the 14 converts, 8 of them are regularly attending worship services at Fellowship in Kpeletayama/Mafla Town.

Cole Town

Population: 500

Cole Town is a little village in Suakoko District, Bong County.  Like many villages in Bong, this village had suffered from the lack of safe drinking water.  The only pump they had has been damaged since 2008 because it wasn’t deep enough. This well is not only benefitting these 500 people but beyond with the clusters of villages nearby.

This little village does not have church of its own, but is reached by the outreach of  Gwetamue Independent Church. With the repair of this well to benefit the over 500 residents, there is huge open door to the Gwetamue Independent Church for community evangelistic outreach.

Gbaquoi Town

poplation 475

In Sheansue Clan, Gbaquoi Town is considered the place of those caste out of their communities due to deformities. Out of every ten you count, one or two will be with no physical problem.  The rest are blind, lame or structurally deformed.  Handicapped International decided to provide easy access for clean water to this village.  It later broke down.  Hunger and water-borne diseases are the major destroyers of lives in this tiny village.

Bethesda Outreach is a ministry run by Gwetamue Independent Church is reaching out to this village.  During the inauguration of their new well, the blind in this community raised a jubilating song entitled:  No what life holds me down, one day my change will come.  This reminds me of the Blind Community in Monrovia.  Four blind teenagers accepted Christ using the story of Bartimaeus and one elderly lame man accepted Christ as well.


Dulimue Town is now active seat for the Poro and Sande Society.  This society blatantly denies the sacredness of life.  With this belief, they share blood in all forms and manner.  This village had been closed to the Gospel for so long.  Our team met people who so friendly, but enslaved by the yoke of satan.  They lack basic life necessities like in almost all of the villages of Bong County.

 With the ugly practices carried out in the village, no surrounding village will want to associate with the citizens of this town.  The people was amazed when we moved to them to provide clean water through the repair of their broken wells that people had vowed not to help.  The assistant chief zoe, who in fact is the flag bearer of all of the sande society, promise to join the church at Gwetamue Independent Baptist.

The need to vigorously engage this town is so paramount as the people of this town are enveloped by Satan.  With the decision of the Assistant Zoe, there is a huge open door to the Gospel, as even his pronouncement that he wants to be part of the church means his life if he is not careful.  Beside him, no soul was won.


Gboimue is the central point to over five other villages.  This village is the home of the current Liberian Ambassador to the USA. This town hosts the Gwetamue Independent Baptist church.  This church is reaching to areas such as Cole Town and Gbaqquoi Town with the Gospel message.  This village is indeed becoming the light to their surrounding areas.  The town was burdened with the two damaged wells for the past ten years now.  They literally drank from rivers and creeks, not until The Last Well and Teamwork Africa joint efforts to bring back fresh water to this village.  It is now becoming a village where no babies die.

While works was ongoing with repair, Pastor Moses Togba presented the Gospel Message to the chief zoe in this village.  He willingly put his trust in Christ.  He openly informed the citizens of this village that he had been part of many societies, but all enslaved, except the Gospel of Christ that brings about redemption.  Mr. Sulonteh, also father of the new Ambassador, promised to be part of the church throughout his life.

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